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Active Advertising Social Media can rank and score consumers by their viral share relevance (i.e., Facebook friends and Twitter activity). Drive targeted acquisition and deliver measurable results with micro-targeting in social media.

Exceed and surpass traditional media methods by creating a marketing strategy that includes creating a strong brand awareness within the social media landscape. A recent study revealed that social network ads perform 2.5 times better than ads placed on ad networks, ad exchanges and/or portals.

Through the use of social media micro-targeting, companies can turn "likes" into paying customers by generating offers most relevant to potential consumers while they are perusing their own Facebook or Twitter pages. Targeting can be further refined by demographics or geographic areas to maximize response and conversion.

Active Advertising Social Media can:

  • Assist to increase lead generation efforts
  • Use Facebook to integrate advertising strategies
  • Renew relationships with lost/inactive customers
  • Structure your email database for future and ongoing campaigns
  • Convert Facebook contacts and profit from these new relationships
  • Develop campaigns based on maximized conversions

Social media micro-targeting has the potential to drastically increase profits by converting potential customers into dedicated consumers through the use of targeted advertising that can assist in increased brand awareness to potentially thousands of would-be consumers daily.

Active Advertising Social Media