Electronic Forms and Documents


Synapsis can convert your existing preprinted forms or design new e-forms based on the data output from your software application with our leading 1-2-3 easy approach. To meet your additional needs, Synapsis can assist in the analysis of your document requirements and our staff of certified form designers will create and maintain custom and standard (federal, state, corporate and/or professional affiliation) electronic forms and checks for your organization.

Electronic forms can be memory resident based in our SNAP Retrofit devices or downloadable and interactive form fill-in. Whatever your e-form needs are, Synapsis provides quality, reliability and responsive service for all of our customers.

The forms service center is operated by experience and trained analysts and designers that can address policy, compliance, security and other off line or on-line functionality concerns. Synapsis is a global service provider and offers English, French, German, Kanji and Spanish renditions supporting over 55 industries. If you have a specific language issue, please Email Synapsis.

Synapsis also provides electronic signatures and converts logo and other images into digitized, hand edited formats. Synapsis also provides an array of font families including bar code, MICR, OCR and postal code typefaces.