Electronic Forms and Documents


SNAP-EE offers accurate and complete non-duplicated data entry with PDF forms for secure data collection and deposit into a database. PDF forms viewed online in a browser maintain the same functionality as if viewed locally. Efficiency, transparency and improved transfer time result as SNAP-EE eliminates the middle step of data from paper to electronic format.

Data can also be extracted directly from a database to re-populate PDF forms for editing or creation of a new record based on existing data.

SNAP-EE Features:

  • Auto-fill data fields from a database
  • Email and Workflow PDF process routing
  • Dynamic Multi-Form in one PDF
  • Multiple form field selection criteria
  • Secure (locked) data field capability
  • Multiple font choices per data field
  • Form and field instructional pop-ups (on-line help)
  • Database table operations
  • Compliant standard PDF's including mobile devices
  • Browser based Internet/Intranet reduces user costs
  • PDF 471, QR Codes and other popular bar code support
  • Rich media interactive PDF support
  • Bank cards and ECheck Payment Processing
  • Support for ACES
  • Learn about SNAP-EE here.