Electronic Forms and Documents


Synapsis literally means point of contact. Founded over twenty seven years ago, Synapsis has evolved into a company which makes technology affordable and readily available to help companies run their businesses better and more efficiently.

Synapsis was 'green' before it became popular and has a long commitment to environmental issues. It is an integral part of Synapsis' business model. Synapsis has long been aware of issues such as the amount of greenhouse gases being produced every year as a result of paper manufacturing and the tons of paper waste dumped into land-fills instead of being re-cycled.

With these issues in mind, Synapsis began with the dream of the 'paperless office' and created print-on-demand solutions to help reduce paper usage. Since then, Synapsis has evolved into offering hardware and software products and services that communicate with businesses and consumers intelligently, on-demand and interactively, for transaction based processing.

Continuing the tradition of the original founders, Synapsis delivers dependability, reliability and responsive service working closely with customers in trying to deliver technologies and innovations that reduce costs, increase operating profits and make business life simple.

Originally forming the future with electronic forms automation, Synapsis continues
to expand its offerings and markets working with credible people and organizations
with integrity.