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Synapsis has provided support to customers, whether they be partners or end users, since our original founding in December 1987.

In order to promote the best interests of our customers, Synapsis has divided support into two (2) sections:

Pre-Sales Support

Post-Sales Support

Pre-sales support, which is designed for prospects of Synapsis products and services, can be reached at Email Synapsis

Post-sales support, which is designed for the registered customers of Synapsis products and services, can be reached initially at:


Each customer must register before using the support site. Thereafter, you can select http://www.helpmeonline.com/Login.asp once you are provided a User ID and Password.

All Synapsis products come with a 60-day warranty that covers the specific product or service itself and not any installation or integration that you perform.

Synapsis will be responsible for the repair, replacement or modification of any hardware or software during this specific finite time period.

Thereafter, all customer support will be handled either as 'pay as you go' support services that will be billed via credit card only or yearly maintenance service agreements.

In order to continue to provide the best products at the lowest possible prices, Synapsis requests that all customers respect our support policies.

For these customers, Synapsis support will be available during the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, PST, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.