Active Advertising

Active Advertising Mobile

Mobile Data Enhancement

Synapsis Active Advertising Mobile Data Enhancement is a set of procedures used to add information to or edit the records in an existing database. Data enhancement in the context of mobile technology generally refers to a process that adds information to or edits a database that contains names, addresses and demographic data of mobile device owners.

Changing and improving upon the quality of the data might include improving the postal code (adding the plus 4) or breaking up the name field into title, first name, middle initial, last name and suffix. Analysis of data might be based on demographic, lifestyle and geographic location to name a few.

Mobile Analytics

Synapsis Active Advertising Mobile Analytics allows you to measure and analyze performance of your mobile sites, apps and ads as well as visits from mobile devices with web capabilities. Measuring and tracking these metrics enables companies to use this data to improve and better target their mobile sites, apps and ads at users who are more likely to purchase their products and/or services.


Synapsis Active Advertising Mobile Widgets are interactive tools designed and geared toward specific users as miniature, downloadable apps that allow the user quick and easy access to desired information directly from their own computer or mobile device.

Examples of widgets might include:

  • RSS news feeds
  • Weather forecasts
  • Mapping and driving directions
  • iTunes media
  • Sticky Notes
  • Stock market tracking
  • Travel and flight information
  • Tracking of packages/items sent via delivery services
  • Language translations
  • Mathematic calulations/conversions
  • Sports scores
  • Informational search functions
  • Internet radio or podcast interfaces
  • Ebay auction monitoring
  • and much more ...