Electronic Forms and Documents


Authenticate Compliance Evidence Securely (ACES)

Synapsis electronic forms have always been implemented transparently for users.

In today's digital world, more is required of the e-form itself. First, you need to know the specific digital form is in fact the real digital form that should be used and accessed by a user (Authenticate).

Second, with growing government regulations, a digital form needs to adhere to established guidelines, specifications and legislation that protect the organization and its users (Compliance).

Third, electronic discovery in civil and criminal legal cases is being transformed and digital forms need a 'chain of custody' to be admissible and reliable so a judge or jury is convinced of the truth or falsity of key facts (Evidence).

And fourth, a digital form combined with data in a business transaction could have a substantial impact on an organization's bottom line and should be free of fear or risk (Securely).

Synapsis created ACES to continue the tradition of Quality, Reliability and Responsive Service that Synapsis' Forms Service Center began over 20 years ago. ACES e-forms are created by Synapsis Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) forms designers and that is where the difference ends.

ACES is a process in which digital forms (e-forms) are created, transparently multiply marked, secured and encrypted with the intent that if the need arises, they can be used as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. These protections applied by Synapsis include additional due diligence with the digital forms held in trust ("in escrow") by Synapsis until certain agreed upon conditions are met. ACES e-forms execute with most business software on the market today.

ACES is priced similarly to Synapsis' interactive e-forms but does require a monthly or yearly Verification Service Agreement which can also be combined with optional Document Maintenance support agreements.

If you would like to be contacted about ACES, Email Synapsis