Electronic Forms and Documents


Synapsis offers an array of standard and up-grade features to defend against counterfeiting techniques such as chemical alteration, erasure, toner removal and photocopying.

The key to selecting intelligent combinations of security features is to include both overt (visible) and covert (hidden) characteristics. This alerts check handlers and would-be thieves.

Manufactured using Boise Cascade's high security paper, three (3) options are available that are laser compatible and support today's leading software applications:

Level 1 - Basic Security Paper

Provides basic fraud protection for businesses to take charge and actively protect their negotiable documents. Features include:

  • Flourescent Fibers
  • Bleach Reactive Brownstain
  • Solvent Based Ink Eradicator Reaction
  • UV Dull
  • Recycled Content

Level 2 - Advanced Security Paper (the most popular)

The next level of document protection incorporates additional fraud deterrent features, including:

  • Artificial Watermark
  • Flourescent Fibers
  • Bleach Reactive Brownstain with Multi-Language Void

Level 3 - Superior Security Paper

The most advanced document security paper includes additional features such as:

  • A True Fourdrinier Watermark
  • Visible Fibers
  • Full Chemical Reactivity
  • Optically Deaad Base Shee

Standard, visible built-in print security features such as Border Copy Warning, Micro Printing and Padlock Icon are augmented with each level of security paper to include ODT Void Pantograph, Security Screened Backer, Bleed Thru MICR & Arabic Numbering, Foil Stamping, Holographic Foil Stamping, Embossing and Toner Grip.

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